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More than invoicing


Invoimax is the most flexible and powerful online billing solution to comply with the issuance of tax documents digitally .

Safe and high performance technology at an economical price designed for the needs of freelancers and companies .

Create your electronic documents from any location and any device and send them automatically to your customers in PDF format.

Economic plans adapted to the needs and size of each business, which can be scaled as the business turnover grows.

A powerful set of online tools

A whole world of possibilities in your hands

  • Create and send invoices, quotes, and purchase orders.
  • View, edit, and reprint invoices, quotes, and purchase orders.
  • Convert quotes to invoices.
  • Process payments for invoices or quotes collected.
  • Export in pdf, Print or email all documents.
  • Documents customization.
  • Automatic numbering.
  • Add and modify taxes.
  • Recurring transactions.

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    Customers, Suppliers and Staff
  • Unlimited Customers.
  • Unlimited Suppliers.
  • Customizable fields for each customer / supplier.
  • Obtaining individual data from each customer / supplier .
  • Customers can access their invoices.
  • Unlimited Staff Members.
  • Different levels of users.
  • Different permissions for each access level.

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    Products and Services
  • Unlimited Products and Services .
  • The system can invoice both products and any type of service.
  • Different invoicing forms can be configured (Units, Pieces, Kilograms, Pounds, Liters, Hours of Work, Subscription Rates, etc).
  • Product inventory control.
  • Possibility of adding attributes to products (Models, Sizes, Colors, etc).
  • Provider Assignment to each Product .

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    Statistics and Reports
  • Account statements.
  • Detailed income reports.
  • Detailed sales reports.
  • Transfer Reports.
  • Income VS Expenses.
  • Reports by Payer / Beneficiary.

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    Banks and Transactions
  • Unlimited accounts.
  • Cash accounts.
  • Bank accounts.
  • Paypal accounts.
  • Assignment of each invoice or income to an account.

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    Multiple currencies and languages
  • Our clients are located all over the world, speak different languages and invoice in their national currencies.
  • With Invoimax you can customize the invoicing in the language, and the primary currency you do business with.

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